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China: The obscurity of power

The obscurity of power: Xi Jinping’s China, by Andrew Gilholm.  Amid the din of presidential change in the world’s established superpower, a looming leadership transition in its emerging superpower has gone little noticed. The Communist Party of China (CPC) will hold its five-yearly national congress in late 2017, marking the end of President Xi Jinping’s…
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Targeting kidnap for ransom

Kidnap for ransom: What makes a target?, by Nicola White. In 2016, individuals employed in at least 54 different sectors, operating in 77 countries, experienced at first hand the trauma of a kidnap-for-ransom. More often than not, incidents occurred in major cities – exactly the locations where many multinational businesses operate. Understanding what kidnappers look…
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African terror networks

African terror networks: An evolving threat, by Claudine Fry. In many parts of Africa, the terrorism threat is evolving. Major groups such as Nigeria-based Boko Haram and al-Shabab in East Africa have lost territory and suffered splits, but military operations have not comprehensively weakened them. The emergence of new tactics and targeting patterns confirms the…
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Iraq after Mosul

Iraq after Mosul: Old divisions renewed, by Glen Ransom. The recapture of Mosul from Islamic State (IS) marks a turning point in the campaign to shatter its grasp on Iraq. But re-establishing government authority over the city will trigger a new and potentially more destabilising phase of political competition and communal conflict in 2017. Divisions…
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