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Arks, sharks and whales

Arks, Sharks and Whales: Navigating a world in flux, by Jonathan Wood. Global politics is entering uncharted waters. The post-Cold War liberal world order crafted by the US, Europe and their allies, which provides the framework for multinational enterprise, is increasingly threatened by both external and internal challengers. Externally, major powers are promoting alternate visions…
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Oil price scenario in the Middle East

What would another dip in oil prices mean for Middle Eastern oil producers? by Sorana Parvulescu. We maintain (50% likelihood) that prices are likely to remain at around USD 50 to USD 55 per barrel for at least the next two years until the market has absorbed surplus inventories. This is largely based on our…
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China: The obscurity of power

The obscurity of power: Xi Jinping’s China, by Andrew Gilholm.  Amid the din of presidential change in the world’s established superpower, a looming leadership transition in its emerging superpower has gone little noticed. The Communist Party of China (CPC) will hold its five-yearly national congress in late 2017, marking the end of President Xi Jinping’s…
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Targeting kidnap for ransom

Kidnap for ransom: What makes a target?, by Nicola White. In 2016, individuals employed in at least 54 different sectors, operating in 77 countries, experienced at first hand the trauma of a kidnap-for-ransom. More often than not, incidents occurred in major cities – exactly the locations where many multinational businesses operate. Understanding what kidnappers look…
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