Think you know your populists from your Podemos? Do you know the difference between cyber and Siberia? Do you yell at the TV during quiz shows? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, Control Risks has something for you. David Lea, our senior Europe analyst and a UK and European quizmaster and champion, has set a geopolitics and current affairs quiz designed to stump a secretary of state. Fancy your chances? Take the Control Risks Quiz!




1) Who is the leader of Podemos, the left-wing populist party that played a key role in 2016’s political instability in Spain?
2) Which surname was shared by a 20th century president of the US and a 20th century prime minister of the UK?
3) Which two colours appear on the flag of Vietnam?
4) The Baikonur Cosmodrome, the base for Soviet and Russian spaceflight since the 1960s, is located in which country (and leased to Russia)?
5) Which Russian hacker group has used a designer brand in its name? What is the designer, and what is the group’s full name?
6) To one decimal place, what percentage of voters in the UK referendum in June 2016 backed Brexit?
7) Who is the President of the Philippines, who described President Obama with a rude term earlier in 2016, resulting in the US cancelling a planned meeting?
8) What sort of infrastructure are (or will be) TTM, TAP, CATS and NNG?
9) If you sail due east from New York, in which European country would you make landfall?
10) The territory of Bir Tawil is one of few that have the curious honour of being unclaimed by any nation, as the two countries that surround it prefer different sets of colonial-era borders, each of which places it in the other one. Which two countries?
11) Many of you will know that Goa was, until 1961, a Portuguese possession in India. But which Union Territory of modern India was a French overseas possession until 1954?
12) After which figure of the anti-Apartheid movement is the airport serving the city of Johannesburg named?
13) Although eyes will be elsewhere in Europe for much of 2017, the prime minister of the Netherlands also faces an election. What is his name?
14) We’re just recovering from the US presidential election. Maybe you remember that two US states apportion their electoral college votes, rather than being winner takes all. Name either.
15) What name, familiar in a different Western political context, was given to the protests after the Iranian presidential election in 2009?
16) Which aliased attacker identified as “Wool3n.H4T,” is one of the prominent figures of this APT group? (APT stands for advanced persistent threat = sophisticated nation state hackers)

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