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Fighting corruption in Central and Eastern Europe

Fighting corruption in Central and Eastern Europe by Cvete Koneska. 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of Bulgaria and Romania joining the EU. Their accession marked the end of the wave of eastern EU enlargement that started in 2004 and saw ten former communist countries join the bloc. Many things have changed in the past decade…
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Europe after Brexit

Europe: Escaping the jaws of Brexit, by David Lea. The rhetoric from the triumphant Brexit camp was clear on 24 June. The EU, long susceptible to decay, was now condemned to collapse and the UK was better off out. This was a statement for our times, where all setbacks are viewed as catastrophes. But amid…
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China in Central Asia

Belt and Road: China’s delicate path through Central Asia, by Eimear O'Casey. China since 2015 has been engaged in an ambitious programme known as ’Belt and Road’ (B&R) to develop land and sea trade routes as a means of further integrating itself into the global economy. A key element of B&R is reviving the ancient…
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