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Oil price scenario in the Middle East

What would another dip in oil prices mean for Middle Eastern oil producers? by Sorana Parvulescu. We maintain (50% likelihood) that prices are likely to remain at around USD 50 to USD 55 per barrel for at least the next two years until the market has absorbed surplus inventories. This is largely based on our…
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Iraq after Mosul

Iraq after Mosul: Old divisions renewed, by Glen Ransom. The recapture of Mosul from Islamic State (IS) marks a turning point in the campaign to shatter its grasp on Iraq. But re-establishing government authority over the city will trigger a new and potentially more destabilising phase of political competition and communal conflict in 2017. Divisions…
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Privatisation in MENA

Privatisation in MENA: The pitfalls and the politics, by Huma Yusuf. A privatisation push across the Middle East and North Africa in 2017 will act as a siren call to investors from around the world. As foreign companies prepare bids for new projects and tune into public debates about the benefits that privatisation offers, they…
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