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Fragmented terror threat

Terrorism: A fragmented threat, by Bill Udell and Jonathan Wood. Companies face a more fragmented, less predictable global terrorism threat in 2017. Alongside persistent threats from left-wing, right-wing and ethno-national militant groups, the Islamist extremist threat continues to evolve. The eventual collapse of Islamic State (IS) territory in Iraq and Syria will force a global exodus…
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Regulation’s multilingual morass

Global regulation: A multilingual morass, by Robert Boyd. Trains running late? Blame a company. Prices creeping upward? Blame a company. Hotel wifi crashing? Blame a company. Populism isn’t just a force at the ballot box. What’s more, it’s not just coming from voters. For 2017 and beyond, a wrathful combination of public outcry and regulatory zeal…
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Responding to strategic uncertainty

Responding to strategic uncertainty: arks, sharks and whales, by Jonathan Wood. Success in 2017 means recognising and adapting to a prolonged period of strategic uncertainty. Most companies will seek to account for strategic uncertainty by reconfiguring their businesses in one of three ways: limiting risk, seizing opportunity or positioning for future growth. Arks Arks pursue a…
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