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Europe after Brexit

Europe: Escaping the jaws of Brexit, by David Lea. The rhetoric from the triumphant Brexit camp was clear on 24 June. The EU, long susceptible to decay, was now condemned to collapse and the UK was better off out. This was a statement for our times, where all setbacks are viewed as catastrophes. But amid…
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Northeast Asia frictions

From US-China trade to the Korean peninsula, 2017 could still get messy in Northeast Asia by Andrew Gilholm. Alarming predictions for the US relationships in Northeast Asia after the 2016 election of US President Donald Trump have faded, but the outlook for the region remains fraught with uncertainty. Although certainly turbulent at home, Trump’s first 100…
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The local complexities of doing business in the US

The local complexities of doing business in the US by Oliver Wack and Ryan Murphy. Investors that in the past have looked to the United States as a low-risk destination for their investments compared to emerging markets may need to look again. Doing business in the US is becoming increasingly complex. Although it may not exhibit…
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